The Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul's Institute offers you a wide range of Biblical Studies as well as Theology.Gain a degree with a submitted thesis,or if you are working for the Christian Community Devlopment you might get an "Honorary degree".We are not a diploma Mill and are accredited worldwide by various Theological Institutes and University with Campus.Our aim is to promote a really oeucumenical Learning Center!

The Saint Peter & Saint Paul Lutheran Institute, bringing the Gospel in South America Asia and Africa thanks to our Bishops and Ministers,respectful of traditions,history and past as well culture of the others;An easy way to discover our Lord's Teaching,without Dogmas ,we offer a full range of online degrees,accredited,at low cost,you may too directly send your thesis for a Doctorate or H.C.Doctorate,please write to the Dean,Rev.Prof.Dr.F.Burcklé,at

As a matter of fact it is the procedure for approval of awarding academic or honoris Causa degrees.The following list give an idea of the offered degrees:

Associate of Christian Leadership

Associate of Divine Healing

Associate of Intercession

Associate of Ministry

Associate of Missions and Evangelism

Associate of Theology

Doctor of Biblical Studies

Doctor of Christian Counselling

Doctor of Christian Entrepreneurship

Doctor of Divine Healing

Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Mission and Evangelism

Doctor of History of Religion

Doctor of Christian Community Devlopment

Doctor of Decalogotherapy TM

Doctor of Christian Philosophy

Doctor of Religious Laws

Doctor of Christian Letters

Doctor of Christian Literature

Doctor of Christian Politics

Master of Christian Arts

Our University Board:

Most Rev.Prof.Dr.Dr.F.Burcklé

(Board certified clinical psychologist)


Dr.Claude Lombaes,Phd.

Rector for the Archdiocese of Northern Europe

Prof.Dr.Eloi Angelos Ghio

Prof.of History & Genealogy

Intl.Director of Education

Most Rev.Prof.Dr.Ydenir P.Machado

Rev.Dr.Ross Collette

Rector for the Archdiocese of Northern America

Most Rev.Prof.Dr.Daniel de Ruiz


Director of Education for Mexico

Rev.Dr.Father George Gonzalez

Ecumenical Vice President

Dr.Darryl Whitaker

Probationary Lecturer

Upon request we may provide a list

of our Lecturers and Senior Lecturers

in the United States of America,

Argentina,Bolivia,The Carribbeans,

South West and Eastern Africa,as well

various Asian and African Countries

Religious Institutes often claim they have not sought Accreditation since they are not relevant Accreditors.Since many Bible School acknowledge that their degrees are not academic in nature,this is the reason why we offer Accreditation to College and Universities of Biblical Studies,of New Testament,or generally speaking Christian Studies,and following the Christian Ecumenism.We do offer Accreditation in accordance with European Laws in the field of Private Higher Education.

President of the Council,Prof.Dr.Dr.Ydenir Machado

Dr.Darryl Whitaker,coordinator U.S.A.

We do offer "Curriculum for Master of Sacred Music

Both in English and Spanish

Care of the St.Albert's College


Professor of Christian Humanitarian Aid(Italian cursus offered)

Prof.Dr.Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino di Torre Spagnola

Dr.Darryl Whitaker(U.S.A.)                     Interim Lecturer  

                Prof.Noah.E.Baiyetambi        Professor of Charismas,Professor of theology


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